Thursday, January 26, 2012

Third Annual Two Kinds of People Essay Contest

Contest closed. Results soon.

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who do things once or twice, and those who create an annual event. The 2KoP guest post essay contest is now officially an annual event.

Top Five Reasons You Should Submit
  1. Your own personal Two Kinds of People idea has not been written about here on 2KoP. We all know two kinds of people. If yours has been glaringly absent from these pages, now is your chance to correct the situation.
  2. Writing is Fun — you know it is. Every time you read something on the Interwebs, you know you can do it better. So do it.
  3. There are prizes. Yep, real, honest to goodness prizes, including (but not limited to) the publication of the winning essay right here on 2KoP for all the world to read.
  4. Because I'm a mother and I said so.
  5. Fame, glory, the envy of your peers. No cash. Absolutely none. Nada. Zip. Zilch.
Need some inspiration? Check out the winning posts from the First Annual (Murray Abromovitch) and Second Annual (Deborah Carroll) contests. For writing tips, you can read mine and other good ones at Write It Sideways.

The Rules
  1. Because writers (at least this writer) works better under a deadline, please submit your guest post via email by midnight Central Time on February 16, 2012 (that's three weeks; plenty of time, but not too much.)
  2. All entries will be read blind by a panel of judges, including me, and the winner will be the essay with the most votes.
  3. Winning essay will be announced by February 23, 2012 (unless I get a million, which I hope I do, and then it may take a little longer).
That's it. Get busy. Get writing. Good luck. I can't wait to read your submissions. (Insider tip: it's the dead of winter around here, so a little humor couldn't hurt, if you know what I mean.)

The Prizes

Don't forget the prizes, which will include (at least):
  • an official 2KoP logowear item, possibly the tote bag shown above. (Very sturdy and attractive, if I do say so myself.)
  • a copy of the original The Elements of Style by William Strunk, Jr.
  • your very own published guest post here on 2KoP
  • a gift card to The Animal Store (The pet shop my husband owns in Lincolnwood, IL; I haven't actually asked him for this yet, but I'm pretty sure I can convince him.)