Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's Not Easy Being Green

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who send holiday cards and those who don't. 

I've sent my own holiday cards every year since I left for college. Last year, I chronicled our ridiculous photo odyssey in a post that showed all 23 "oops" photos that we had to take before we finally got one that was holiday-card worthy. The good news is that this year it only took four shots. Maybe that's because we didn't try to include the dog. (That's the best one up there; don't they look cute?)

We've been doing the stairway shot every year since we moved into this house, nearly 12 years ago. The youngest guy, on the lower right, was just an infant when we started. It's a great stairway, a perfect backdrop, and even though the kids keep getting bigger (despite my threats), they all still fit. It's a tradition I love.

In addition to my usual tardiness at getting this holiday project started, I'm struggling with the whole idea of sending cards. On the one hand, I love getting real mail — snail mail, if you will — with stamps and envelopes, delivered to my IRL mailbox. I love seeing the cards our friends and family have chosen, the photos they send and the stories they share.

On the other hand, the idea of sending cards this year doesn't feel very green. Plus, at 44¢ per stamp, it doesn't feel very economically sound, either. 

So, after weighing my options, I am (for the most part) going with this e-version of our holiday card this year. Know that my warm wishes for a happy, healthy, peaceful New Year are still sincere. Know that I love and miss you and hope we can make time to get together soon. Know that this is not just laziness on my part (OK, it's partly laziness — but not 100%).

I'm also going to make it easy for you to send your holiday greetings to us. All you have to do is click here and leave a comment.

May your holidays, however you celebrate at this time of year, be joyful and bright. Best wishes for 2010.

The Bearmans

P.S. Over on The Animal Store blog, Kenn is giving away a $100 gift card. Just click here and leave a comment for your chance to win on December 22. Pass it on.


Mama C said...


I found you by way of She Writes (although the link to your blog wasn't working on the blog group page FY!-the link on your page was.) and was taken pleasantly by your 2KP blog premise, and the Not Easy being Green post itself. I did a little e-card last year--and missed knowing our little 1D bodies were not landing in little mailboxes everywhere:) In any event, I look forward to reading more about 2KP and think your blog has a inviting and crisp look to it! Oh and Happy Solstice/Holidays/Christmas/Kwanzaa/Hanukkah as we say over here!

Anonymous said...

Being Green is very nice and all of us should be aware of our roles but don't let fear mongering affect your life. The world won't last a minute longer if we send greeting cards or don't recycle a can. I may be the last to do so but as long as I can I will be sending out Christmas cards with little fear of their environmental impact. Jobs too are important -card printing, mail carriers, the companies that make the stamps and my contribution to their jobs may be minimal but I choose this route. I hope all of your family has a Blessed Holiday Season and Kenn's business does well this season. I enjoy your your writings-keep them coming-Love Uncle Greg

Unknown said...

Good for you, Susan! If we all did these little things, maybe we'd be in at least at a little better situation regarding our planet. Ok, I'm done.

I have enjoyed getting your cards over the years, and I, too, think sending cards is a lovely tradition. Ecards work for me, too.

You know I love reading your blog, since it is a little bit of you, something I don't get very often. Keep up the good work. It always makes me smile, since your writing sounds like your talking.

May this season bring bright, warm light into your cold, dark winter, too!



Anonymous said...

I stopped a few years ago, was always a big and delightful project for me...and...well...just said f&ck it finally. I justify it all with the green footprint deal, but in the end, it is really more about just TOO much everything about it! I posted a family shot on FB...done. Happy Holidays in Sunny Florida! Hoping we can get together for that cocktail this winter! Marcy C

Victoria said...

The stairway photo tradition is such a great way to chronicle the changes in your family. I've heard of people taking photos of their daughters draped in Mama's wedding dress or standing next to the tree that was planted to celebrate their birth.

I've never done any of those things, but I do send out photo cards. I'm glad that people are sending us cards still because we use them to decorate our tree, though I am always looking for alternate uses after the holiday has passed.

And yes, the kids are cute.

Unknown said...

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